Image of Skinz Burandt Tool Kit – Polaris

Skinz Burandt Tool Kit – Polaris


This kit is a lightweight kit built specifically to service and work on the Polaris machines. It is a smaller pak which houses just the tools you may need to perform a host of different and wide ranging functions on your Polaris machine. The kit weighs a total of 2lbs 13 oz. This pak is small and can be tucked away easily in multiple locations you may have. This is the kit Chris uses when he heads out. It works for him, it will probably work for most anyone. Pak has a little extra room in it to customize it for you if you want to add a couple extra items. Kit includes:

of quality. Building these items is difficult and requires a lot of time and effort to keep coming back to fix the weak spots and the areas that need improvements. It doesn’t happen overnight, but a strong focused determination by everyone involved keeps this on track. We hope you enjoy this offering.

Lightweight Wrench Metric – Open End/Box End
8, 10, 13, 15,
Lightweight Wrench SAE – Open End/Box End
7/16”, 9/16”
¼” Ratchet
¼ x 3/8” adapter
Allen Wrench Set – Folding Metric
6 in 1 Screw Driver
6” Crescent Wrench
“L” Allen Wrench 6mm
“L” Allen Wrench 4mm
15mm 3/8 Deepwell Socket
13mm 3/8 socket
17mm 3/8 socket
7/16” ¼” drive Deepwell socket
8mm ¼” drive socket
10mm ¼” drive socket

Please allow 15 business days for delivery of international shipments