Image of SLP 2016-17 800 Axys Pro-RMK Single Pipe Set

SLP 2016-17 800 Axys Pro-RMK Single Pipe Set


Swing the Axys into your favor with this new single pipe set. It provides an additional 9 horsepower while trimming 13 pounds on trail models and 14 pounds on mountain models. This pipe set has been SLP tested and passed the SAE J-2567 stationary sound test below 88 decibels. Finished with ceramic coating which not only looks great, but also reduces radiant heat emissions by as much as 40%, resulting in cooler underhood temperatures.

No fueling changes required!

Era 2014 Silencing Technology.

Note: The installation of this pipe set is made easier with two of our Extension Spring Hooks #20-210 and 20-89.

Ultra Black Silicone sealer is required for installation.

Please allow 15 Business Days for Delivery of International Shipments.


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