Image of Skinz Burandt “Shorty” Airloc Running Boards – 2” Lift – Pro RMK

Skinz Burandt “Shorty” Airloc Running Boards – 2” Lift – Pro RMK


“Shorty” Airlocs for Pro RMK are a shortened version of the SPG Standard Airloc running board. The advantages of this running board allowed Chris to navigate steeper terrain in all kinds of snow conditions. Since Chris rarely ever gets to the very back of the running board, he asked us to build him a set of Airloc’s which would be about 8” shorter and have a slightly different bend at the back. This short board drags less in the snow and combined with the 2” lift puts Chris in the steepest terrain ever ridden. The same idea here, get rid of anything you don’t need or use. This is what this running board accomplishes. This is set at a 2”/non-adjustable height and can be used with any Boondocker turbo 2014 or newer. This is for Pro RMK.

2011-2016 Pro RMK 155/163/Assault - 2" Lift

(Fits with Boondocker Turbo 2014 & Newer)

Comes in Flat Black or Polished Aluminum

Please allow 15 business days for delivery of international shipments


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